HOI Safe from the Start

HOI Safe from the Start

Providing Services, Education and Support to Victims of Violence , Ages 0-5

Our Mission and Purpose

Safe From the Start, arose from the increased awareness of the negative effects that exposure to violence has on children. In October 2000, over 60 service providers in our community created a Coalition that represents over 30 different agencies. This Coalition, with the help of the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority, collaborated and developed a protocol that addresses the needs of children, ages 0-5, who have been exposed to violence.

Heart of Illinois Safe from the Start is excited to be bringing services to these children. We provide in-depth needs assessment, case-management and therapy for children. Heart of Illinois Safe from the Start also provides caretakers and family members with education, support, and service referral information. Our goal is to prevent the spread of violence and alleviate the symptoms of violence exposure by providing intervention in the lives of young children and their families.

Another goal of Heart of Illinois Safe from the Start is to educate the community on the effect that violence exposure has on young children. By increasing awareness of the psychological and physical damage that violence has on development, we hope to increase the community’s response to this problem. We offer professional trainings in order to educate both service providers and the general public.


Partnering to promote a safer,
stronger Central Illinois
starting with ages 0-5.


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